Application Instructions: Speedometer Stickers

The following are general instructions for applying STICKERHAUZ Speedometer Conversion stickers.

Proceed with application of the sticker in dust, wind and no direct sun controlled area or room, with environment temperature +18°C (65°F) or above. Thoroughly clean the glass of the speedometer with conventional cleaning agents before the application procedure. Do not disassemble the speedometer – apply the sticker on top of the speedometer glass.

Sticker application procedure:

  • Prepare spray bottle of low surface-tension water mixture (to ½ l water add few drops of dishwashing detergent);
  • Spray speedometer glass surface with mixture. Ensure there is no lint and dust left on the surface;
  • Spray fingertips and the edge of the sticker you are pulling up. Do not touch dry sticky surface of the sticker with dry fingers;
  • Place the sticker on the already wet surface to be bonded;
  • Position and align sticker with speedometer face;
  • Press down the sticker with overlapping wiping movements with the squeegee, credit card, or your finger. Make sure that water trapped between the base and the adhesive is completely pressed out;
  • Clean dry with a piece of cloth;
  • Allow to fully dry, and reach full bond strength during next 12 hours.

Conversion Charts

Use these charts to position Speedometer Conversion Sticker properly on top of the glass of the Speedometer. Align 100 km/h mark on Sticker with the 62 MPH mark on the speedometer.

Conversion charts