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    These stripes are replicas of the original stripes, printed with all original details and precisely cut to original shape. Stripes are shaped for easier application, no hard bending needed, as if they were straight cut. We use top quality, vehicle grade Oracal vinyl film for our Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary decals. Stickers must be varnished over after application, with general automotive clear lacquer. The package will include a few bulk stripes of the vinyl film for test purposes and detailed application instruction.

    We respect Copyright Laws and produce decals with slightly altered original lettering. Please bear in mind, that these alterations are unnoticeable and decals look like originally made that way.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    KIHYUN Park
    harley davidson 100 anniversary decals

    I'm always satisfied with the best quality and fast delivery.

    George Dahan
    Great declas for a great 100th anniversary look

    I, above all, would like to stress the great help and fantastic customer service. Decals also looking great! Thank you